History, Archaeology and the Bible

Major web pages devoted to the general topic

  • Archaeology and the Bible and Associates for Biblical Research at ChristianAnswers.Net
  • Historical Apologetics
  • History and the Bible
  • Did the Exodus Never Happen?
  • Biblical Archaeology
  • The Archaeology of Egypt and Canaan in Ancient Times
  • Papyrology
  • Israel: Archaeology from the Air and Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views
  • Bible history charts (Some info, some commercial)
  • Archaeology on the Net

    Particular issues

  • Abraham and the camels
  • The prophecies about the destruction of Tyre: [1], [2], [3], [4] [5]
  • About Tyre and many more similar prophecies
  • The village of Nazareth, insights from a local resident and [1], [2]
  • Jericho and another series on Jericho
  • King David's palace: [1]
  • A boat like Peter's
  • Tomb with early disciples, inscriptions with cross and "to Jesus the Lord"
  • Historical background on Ezra, Nehemia, Esther, Daniel
  • Mosaic authorship for the Pentateuch

    Egyptian chronology and its relationship to Biblical chronology (these articles do not all hold to the same theories):

  • David Rohl's new Egyptian chronology and critique of the same
  • Menerptah stela
  • A Series on Egyptian and Biblical Chronology
  • Another Shishak theory

    Most of the above would imply that Menerptah is not the Pharaoh of Moses, as claimed in Dr. Bucaille's chapter on Menerptah's Mummy

    Lots of infos and links about Egypt.

    Some factoid snippets from radio broadcasts, but sadly not referenced very well:

  • Jericho
  • Archeological cover up
  • Signet rings

    Not sure how solid these are, but they are sure interesting:

  • Incredible Evidence From Historical Documents
  • Extraordinary Evidence About Jesus in the Dead Sea Scrolls

    More to come soon ... Please let me know of more Bible history and archaeology pages


    Archaeology in Arabia:



    More pages with snippets: [1]

    General Archaeology sites:

  • Perseus Project (Resources from the ancients)
  • "Ancient" is a large page with many links, mainly on Egypt
  • More sites

    Qur'an and Archaeology:

  • The Geography of Qur'anic Accounts shows that there is very little confirmation for the Qur'an in the area of geography and archaeology. Maybe Muslims approaching this issue should also think of not putting more stringent demands on the Bible than they put on the Qur'an for outside verification?

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